The Austin Doll Collectors Society is an organization of antique, vintage, and modern doll collectors, dealers, and artisans. We meet on the first Monday of each month and our meetings are fun and educational. We begin with refreshments and socializing, and, following our brief business meeting, there is a special doll-related program and "show and tell." The Austin Doll Collectors Society is a nonprofit organization and is a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Special Exhibit at Our Upcoming Show

This year our doll show will feature a special display of dolls entitled, "Doll Bodies, From Bisque to BJD." The exhibit will show a history of doll bodies over the past two centuries, from early bisque to modern resin ball jointed dolls.  This frisky flapper just one of the dolls that will be on display.  By the German firm of Simon and Halbig, this 13-inch tall lissome lass has a slim flapper body, shapely legs with a ball joint at knees, and feet molded to fit heeled pumps. She is all original, from her bobbed mohair wig to her scandalous silk teddy to her rayon stockings with ribbon garters and high heels.  This lovely little lady is incised on the back of her head “1159 Simon & Halbig S&H 5.” 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

August 6, 2018, Meeting

Members Sallie Howard and Pam Wolf did a program on the recent United Federation of Doll Clubs Convention that took place on July 17th to July 21st in Phoenix, Arizona.  Next year's convention will be in Nashville, Tennessee.   Sallie and Pam shared many of the new dolls they acquired at the convention (thanks to Ann Meier for taking these photographs!).  Pam brought this elegant reproduction French fashion doll made by Becky Hisle. she is 16" tall. The dress she is wearing is made from a kit by Patty Ulrich .

Sallie shared a number of her new dolls. This lass dressed for an expedition is by Ruby Red Galleria and was the convention souvenir doll, fitting into the convention theme, " Passport to Adventure." 

Sallie acquired two versions of that beloved wooden doll known as Hitty.

This little Hitty was a luncheon souvenir.

This little girl is Tibby by artist Judy Porter.  She is 6 inches tall and is a one of a kind creation.

Elaine Jackson brought this sweet vintage cloth doll for show and tell. The doll has a painted face, yarn hair, and stitched fingers. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Women Doll Artists: Elena König Scavini

Elena König was born in Turin in 1886. When she was 14 years old she did what so many children dreamed of and ran off to join the circus. She returned home after a few months and later studied art and photography. In 1915, she married Enrico Scavini and moved with him to Italy. After the loss of her first child, Elena began creating dolls, using readily available felt and working with her brother to create special molds. In 1919, the Lenci factory was established. "Lenci" is thought to be an acronym from the Latin motto "Ludus Est Nobis Constanter Industria" (Play is our constant work), although some biographers state that it is also based on Elena’s German nickname.  The company's artistic felt dolls, typically dressed in beautifully tailored outfits of felt and organdy, became very popular and were widely copied by companies throughout Europe.  In 1928, Lenci also began a ceramics factory renowned for its stylized figurines.  The company created everything from small souvenir dolls and mascots to high-end play dolls to decorative boudoir ladies.  This 27-inch tall boudoir lady is unusual as she is lavishly dressed in velvet and silk, heavily adorned with gold embroidery.  She is all original except for her necklaces, rosary and slippers.  Her exquisite and detailed outfit represents the traditional Charro folk costume of Salamanca, Spain.

A close up of her face demonstrates the extraordinary artistry of Lenci dolls.  

A page from the 1930 Lenci catalogue picturing this doll.