The Austin Doll Collectors Society is an organization of antique, vintage, and modern doll collectors, dealers, and artisans. We meet on the first Monday of each month and our meetings are fun and educational. We begin with refreshments and socializing, and, following our brief business meeting, there is a special doll-related program and "show and tell." The Austin Doll Collectors Society is a nonprofit organization and is a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 3, 2017, Meeting

Member Myrna Loesch gave a program on Lissy dolls by Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander created Cissy, a fashion doll with an adult female body, in 1955.  The next year, Alexander introduced Lissy.  Unlike Cissette, who was a miniature version of Cissy, Lissy was intended to be Cissy's teenaged sister, with a more youthful face and slimmer figure.  Here three Lissy dolls serve as bridesmaids for a Cissy bride.

From 1956 through 1958, Lissy had a hard plastic body with jointed elbows and knees and arched feet for high heels, like her big sister Cissy.  The dolls had glued on wigs and molded eyelashes.  Lissy dolls were not marked, but their extensive wardrobe carried the Alexander label.  After 1958, Alexander continued to use the Lissy face for a wide variety of characters, but the dolls had flat feet and straight arms and legs.

Lissy came in a variety of outfits or she could be purchased in just her teddy and stockings and her trousseau purchased separately.  There were also sets dressed like the characters from Louisa May Alcott's book, "Little Women."

Some Lissy outfits matched those of larger Alexander dolls.  Here Lissy wears the same costume as Elise.

Other members bought examples of Lissy dolls from their collections for sharing.