The Austin Doll Collectors Society is an organization of antique, vintage, and modern doll collectors, dealers, and artisans. We meet on the first Monday of each month and our meetings are fun and educational. We begin with refreshments and socializing, and, following our brief business meeting, there is a special doll-related program and "show and tell." The Austin Doll Collectors Society is a nonprofit organization and is a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 8, 2018, Meeting

 This month's program asked members to bring a favorite doll and tell the club why this doll was so special.  Peggy Lenke shared this well loved Ginny doll from her childhood.

Jenell Howell told the club about her new infatuation, her first American Girl doll.

Sue Smith brought this handmade Cabbage Patch that she received on Christmas. . . 

and this pair of carved wood American folk dolls.

More wooden dolls, brought by Elaine Jackson.  These hand carved dolls were created by an Austin doll artist, Nancy Grobe.  Grobe unfortunately had to give up doll making when she developed arthritis in her hands.

Sylvia McDonald brought this beautiful antique Bye-Lo baby.  The doll was given to Sylvia by an elderly member of her church; she told Sylvia that the doll was a gift from her father to her mother on their first Christmas together.

Sallie Howard proudly displayed her award-winning nearly-mint composition Deanna Durbin doll.

Beverly Evans brought this reproduction of a rare character doll called Mein Liebling by the German firm of Kammer and Reinhardt and told the club how she enjoys dressing her in different outfits and changing her wig.  

Another vintage composition doll, a childhood doll brought by Nancy Countryman.

Michele Thelen shared these two Flexy dolls by Ideal from the 1930s.  The girl represents actress Fanny Brice as her character "Baby Snooks," and the other is Mortimer Snerd, one of the dummies used by ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.

Pam Wolf brought this Toodles baby doll by American Character and an antique ball-jointed doll by German maker J.D. Kestner.  She told the club how she had won the Kestner at a raffle at an annual United Federation of Doll Clubs convention. 

Faydra Jones created this doll.  She said that this is the first doll she made using a wire armature.

This unusual bisque piano baby with a swivel neck belongs to Sharon Weintraub.  Sharon explained that the figurine was found by her parents while her father was teaching in England many years ago.  Her mother had tried to draw a picture of it in a letter to Sharon and Sharon told the club that while her mother had many talents, drawing was not one of them.