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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Labor Day Week; Soldier Boys

Created by cartoonist Percy Crosby, Skippy was a popular comic strip that ran from 1923 to 1945. It focused on the everyday life and adventures of its eponymous hero, a young boy growing up in a city. The strip is considered the archetype and inspiration for many child-centered cartoons, including "Peanuts" by Charles Schulz. There was a novel, a radio show, and a 1931 movie starring Jackie Cooper based on the Skippy comic. Effanbee produced a 14-inch tall composition Skippy doll from 1923 through 1943 based on the comic strip character and serving as the boyfriend to Effanbee's popular Patsy doll. The Skippy doll wore a variety of outfits, including military uniforms. This Skippy belongs to member Sylvia McDonald. She recalls that her brother Larry received Skippy for Christmas in 1941 when Larry was almost one year old. That same Christmas Sylvia received an Ann Shirley doll and she and Larry spent many hours playing together with these dolls, whom they named after school teachers boarding at their home and that of their grandmother. Their mother sewed this military outfit to replace Skippy's missing original clothes and Larry gave Skippy to Sylvia in 1984 as a surprise because Larry wanted his childhood doll to go to “someone special." In 1997, the United States Post Office released a series of 17 stamps portraying "Classic American Dolls," which included Skippy wearing the original of this uniform.

This early aviator belongs to member Elaine Jackson and dates from the WWI era. He is composition and cloth and is stamped "Germany."

This unusual all-bisque doll wears a molded military uniform that appears to be inspired by those worn by the hussars (originally a Hungarian calvary division, but the name and uniform were adopted by light calvary throughout Europe) including the fur-edged pelisse draped over the left shoulder. He is 8 inches tall.

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