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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Women Doll Artists; Sasha Morgenthaler

Sasha Morgenthaler (1893 - 1975) was a Swiss artist. She wanted to create dolls that realistically portrayed the innocence and individuality of children.  Beginning in the 1940s, she began to create dolls in her studio.  However, these individually-made dolls were expensive and Morgenthaler wanted to create a more affordable play doll that would appeal to children.  In the 1960s, she created a series of play dolls, manufactured at various times in Germany and England through the 1980s. The dolls were renown for their serene hand-painted faces, poseable realistically-proportioned bodies, and and tan skin tones.  Black dolls and babies were also produced.

Sasha dolls are very popular with collectors.  These Sasha dolls belong to member Sylvia McDonald.  She said that when her daughter was about nine years old, she received a Sasha girl and Sylvia made the doll's wardrobe.  Later,  Gregor and Baby Gregor joined the family, and Shelley received a Baby Sasha after she had girls of her own.  Sylvia has always loved the Sasha dolls and over five years put together this family for herself.

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