The Austin Doll Collectors Society is an organization of antique, vintage, and modern doll collectors, dealers, and artisans. We meet on the first Monday of each month and our meetings are fun and educational. We begin with refreshments and socializing, and, following our brief business meeting, there is a special doll-related program and "show and tell." The Austin Doll Collectors Society is a nonprofit organization and is a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 5, 2015, Meeting

Member and fabric doll artist Faydra Jones gave a program on her charming creations, inspired by the Waldorf doll.

The Waldorf doll is used in the Waldorf education system, which is based on the educational philosophy developed by Austrian Rudolf Steiner.  These soft dolls are made out of wool and cotton and are intentionally very simple to encourage creative play.

Faydra described how she makes her dolls, using natural cotton and wool.

Faydra hand processes and spins her own fiber and yarn.  She brought her spinning wheel and gave a demonstration to the club.  You can find out more about Faydra's dolls at her website, With Love, Hannah.

(Thanks to Elaine Jackson for providing these pictures!)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Party, December 8, 2014

Member Bette Birdsong again offered to host the club's annual Christmas party at her beautiful home, which was decked out with colorful holiday cheer.

The members provided a wide variety of delicious delicacies for the holiday dinner.

Many members donned their gay apparel (Fa-La-La-La).

Members brought festively-wrapped presents for the gift exchange. . . .

which they eagerly unwrapped and shared.

Perhaps the hit of the party was "Mr. Perfect," a real doll who always knew the right thing to say, such as "Honey,  I love doing the dishes for you!" and "Good morning, I made you breakfast in bed, again!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

39th Annual Doll Show, October 18, 2014

The day was bright and clear, a perfect day for our doll show.

We had a very regal welcoming committee to greet our vendors and shoppers.

Dealers setting up before the show.

Our charity booth was filled with a wide variety of donated dolls and toys, the proceeds to go to local charities.

The two sales rooms were also filled with dolls of every type, from antique. . . .

to vintage. . . . 

to collectible. . . . 

to artistic.

Some dolls were dressed for trick and treating,

while others were ready to cheer on the local football team.

There were baskets of babies.

In fact, there were dolls for every budget!

Let the shopping begin!

A big thanks to all our wonderful vendors and show attendees!